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We are the only business in the area that uses steaming machines to clean the grout and tile. We do NOT use pressure washers, that does cause damage to the tile and the water can penetrate the grout and compromise the whole tiled floor.

1. Spray the Chemicals

2. Steam the grout lines

3. Scrub (clean)

4. Vacuum

5. Scrub (rinse)

6. Vacuum Again

7. Dry with Fans

8. Seal grout

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There are a number of variables involved when it comes to tile/grout cleaning. The material used for tiles (ceramic) and grout (cement) have very different properties. The last is much more porous, so the proper cleaning should be made with the right chemicals and equipment, so that the best results can be achieved without damaging the tiles, grout or underneath the surface, causing the tiles to become hollow and loose. For example, many home and business owners think that tiles should be pressure washed. That is a big mistake and may lead to serious problems. 

At Dirty Grout®  we have perfected the art of cleaning grout safely and in many cases with “NO CHEMICALS”. This method of cleaning is the safest and WILL NOT HARM or DAMAGE your grout, tile, or surrounding areas and has NO ODORS !! We do not utilize any form of pressurized cleaning methods!!

What is Grout?

Your grout is an extremely porous and fragile material that has been absorbing dirt and liquids since the day it was installed and it is easily stained. Grout has no structural value it is for aesthetic purposes only and it’s color is chosen to accent the floor tile color and texture. Grout comes in two forms, sanded and non-sanded. Sanded grout is for wider grout joints and non-sanded for thinner joints.

What is Dirty Grout?

Dirty grout is a gradual process that over time turns your original grout color to a dingy black that outlines each tile!  The most common reason for this eyesore developing is improper routine mopping techniques. During routine mopping dirt, food droppings, grease and tracked in dirt was transferred from the tile surface into the grout joints. As explained in the above paragraph your grout is porous and this soiling becomes embedded within the pores of the grout. Over time this dirt and soiling will permanently stain your grout. This dirt can even make a newer floor look old. It creates a grid like appearance that actually makes your room appear smaller. This situation only diminishes the overall effect of the accenting grout color.

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