How to Keep Travertine Tiles Looking Great

Travertine Tiles

If you’ve got travertine tiles as a flooring option in your home, you may be wondering what the best way is to clean the floor so that it maintains its pristine condition and stays free of dust and grime.

There are many do’s and don’ts for keeping your travertine tiles looking great, but we will look at the most important things you need to keep in mind when considering the cleanliness and hygiene of your floor.

Let’s explore the cleaning method in more detail.

Wipe Dust Off The Travertine And Begin Mopping

Before you can begin mopping the floor, you will want to remove all traces of dust and dirt from the travertine tiles, which will yield better cleaning results if you follow the right course of action.

travertine tiles

You can easily sweep the dust into a dustpan and do a ‘preliminary clean’ so your floor is ready to be mopped using the right cleaning solution.

Cleaning the mop is important because you want to ensure that it doesn’t have dust absorbed into it, which can affect the quality of your cleaning job.

Once you wring the mop properly and soak it in the cleaning solution, you are ready to begin cleaning the travertine tiles, which is a simple process that involves starting from the far reaches of the room and making your way towards the middle.

It’s important to keep wringing the excess water out of the mop and to dip it in the cleaning solution frequently, allowing your mop to stay clean after removing the dirt and grime from the edges of the tiles.

Final Cleaning Process

You will want to drain all the dirty water and wring your mop clean after completing the deep cleaning process, allowing you to prepare for the final cleaning process, which involves using fresh water and mopping the floor once again to ensure all traces of dirt have been successfully removed from the tiles.

If you’re worried about streaks forming on the travertine tiles, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the floor and remove any moisture from the surface, leaving behind a sparkly clean appearance.

Other Cleaning Tips For Travertine Tiles

If you’re looking to disinfect the floor frequently because of living with pets and bringing external contaminants from the outside into your home, you might think the best options are bleach or vinegar.

This is wrong, and you should avoid using these cleaning solutions at all costs since they can damage the travertine floor.

Instead, your best bet is to use non-acidic dish soap as the best choice for a disinfectant, which you can add to fresh and warm water and use the cleaning method described above to yield similar results.

Since you’re using soap, you might worry about the floor getting sticky, which is not a problem since you can simply complete the cleaning process with a final, fresh water mop, yielding outstanding results for your travertine tiles.

Hire A Professional

Dirty Grout specializes in cleaning all kinds of tiles in your home and provides excellent cleaning services with many seasonal discounts, making sure your floor looks stunning and stays protected against viruses and bacteria.

Final Verdict

It’s not that difficult to maintain your travertine tiles, but there are some do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind since you’re dealing with natural stone, and it can get damaged by using the wrong chemicals.

Doing a bit of research helps, but the cleaning method described above will give you excellent results, restoring the condition of your travertine tiles to their original and brand-new state.