Dangers of Water Seeping Thru Shower Grout

You should be aware of the dangers of water seeping through your shower grout. 

Tile Floor and Water Damage

A new tile floor in superb condition may look invincible. You might think that the hard surface is impervious to damage. But that is not the case; under certain circumstances, tile floors can sustain serious damage especially from water leakage.

If you do not seal your grout at the right intervals, then water may seep through. Your tile floor may sustain water damage due to this leakage. Not only will this damage tiles, but it will also harm the underlying subfloor.

water on shower grout

How Your Tile Floor Can Undergo Water Damage

Water damage to your tile floors can happen quite insidiously. You may not even be aware that it is happening. And it does not transpire overnight. Rather, it takes a long time for water damage to irreversibly ruin your tile floor.

So you have a major problem on your hands by the time you notice water damage since this had been going on for a long time and going from bad to worse.

Water leakage can have several sources. Leaking water pipes are a major cause. There can be water seepage and condensation from appliances, doors, and windows as well.

Why Grout Matters For Your Tile Floor

Grout is an important line of defense against water seepage. So if the grout is in bad shape then this will leave your beautiful and expensive tile floor exposed to water damage. Loose, chipped, missing, and cracked grout will let water through which will ultimately damage your tile floor unless the problem is remediated in time.

Damaged grout is a source of other problems as well. It can become the site of mold growth if it is not cleaned properly. Broken grout is also bad news for your tile floors since it stabilizes them by holding them rigidly in one position. So if the grout is missing or damaged, then your tiles may shift and even lift from their original position.

When that happens, the subfloor is exposed to water damage. Any harm to the subfloor will further weaken your entire tile floor due to which tiles can break loose. Accumulating water can also make your damp and dark subfloor an ideal environment for mold, mildew, pests, and so on.

Flooding from storms, rain, and plumbing failures could lead to water leakage especially if the grout is broken and/or unsealed. You may dry out the water following the flooding, but you may not be able to do anything about the water that has leaked into your tile floor. The end result of this leakage is water damage.

The Solution for Water Seepage and Damage

Hence, the key to preventing water damage to your tile floor is to maintain your grout and keep it in good shape. Your grout should look clean, solid, and undamaged.

You should also ensure that you reseal your grout annually so that it remains waterproof and resistant to discoloration, dirt, and debris. Sealing your grout will extend its lifespan and allow this key structural component to protect your tile floor.

Do you need to reseal the grout or fix it? Now that you know the dangers of water seeping through your shower grout, you should wait no longer and call in the pros at Dirty Grout with years of experience and knowledge.

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