How Often Should I Clean My Tile Floor

With tile flooring cleaning, it might appear that more is better. But you will have to work out an optimum tile cleaning schedule to balance your life.

How Often Should I Clean My Tiles?

Knowing the answer to “how often should I clean my tile flooring?” is important; for extra cleaning could entail a lot of hard work with few returns.

Once a day should be enough for the majority of homeowners. But this is not written in stone.

cleaning tile floors

You could get away with cleaning once every two days if your place does not gather too much dust and if human traffic is light. This could work well in your favor especially if you are busy.

For areas prone to more dust and human traffic, cleaning tiles every day is advisable.

You can deploy something like the Swiffer Dry Pad to clean up your tile floor nicely.

Pro Tips for Cleaning Your Tile Floor

Here are some pro tips for cleaning your tiles and maintaining their pristine condition.

  • Use a good tile cleaner recommended by your tile manufacturer. Don’t resort to DIY blends and concoctions. They could indelibly ruin your tile floor. Say an emphatic NO to acids and bleaches.
  • Combat dust on your tile floors with a damp mop. Just make sure that the mop is not soaking wet. Excessive wetness will leave behind unsightly streaks on your tile floor.
  • Never use steel brushes or hard, sharp, and/or abrasive implements for cleaning up stubborn dirt on your tile floor. The ensuing scratches will not go away.
  • Hire the pros (Dirty Grout) to apply a sealant to your tile floors. This will make your tile floor resilient to dirt, dust, stains, and discoloration.
  • Clean tiles at the right frequency so that they carry a minimal layer of dust on average. Dust could get embedded in your tiles and fade their alluring luster.

Dust could also creep into your grout and give it a horrid nasty look. Grout is highly susceptible to dust since it is so porous.

Thus, grout should be the focal point of tile cleaning and maintenance.

Why Grout Matters for Clean Tile Floors

No matter how much you scrub and rub your tiles, bad grout will still make your tile floor look atrociously filthy. All the drudgery in the world can’t make dirty grout look even remotely decent. Chipping, flaking, and dirt-encrusted grout is more than enough to ruin even the most high-end tile floor.

So if you are serious about sprucing up your tile floor for a dazzling clean look, then show due regard for your precious grout. Undoubtedly, grout is highly functional and hence essential for stabilizing your tile floor. And sparkling clean grout looks brilliantly immaculate.

Love your tile floor and want to treat it with lots of TLC? Then you should hire the pros to keep it in prime condition so that visitors can’t help but lavish praise on your clean tile floor. You will be justly rewarded for hiring the right people for the right job. With us, your tile floor is in good hands.

Whether it is applying sealant, maintenance, fixing and cleaning grout, or any tile related job, we will prove up to the task thanks to our long experience, knowledge, and unswerving dedication.

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