Does Grout Sealer Come in Colors?

Grout Sealer Colors

Grout is a highly porous material used to keep your tiles in one place. While grout helps hold the tiles together, on the other hand, it’s easily susceptible to damage itself. Grout can get stained and give birth to mold and mildew. Furthermore, because of damage to grout, your tiles may start cracking. To avoid this from happening, what you can do is use a grout sealer.

A grout sealer ensures that your grout doesn’t get damaged and your tiles become waterproof—the durability of your grout increases when you use a grout sealer. Moreover, the overall appearance of your tiles is improved.

grout sealer colors

What Are the Types of Grout Sealers?

There are two main types of Grout sealers. These are clear grout sealers and colored grout sealers. The use of clear grout sealers isn’t as common as the colored ones. Clear grout sealers are perfect was preventing damage through mopping, foot traffic, mold, mildew, debris, etc. It lasts for a long time; however, the only drawback is that it doesn’t restore the color of your grout.

The colored grout sealer is used more widely because of its restoration property. Either the color of your grout gets restored, or it goes up one shade. Either way, grout sealer colors enhance the appearance of your tiles and give your home an aesthetic appeal. If you use a grout color sealer, your grout can stay away from any stains or marks for up to 10 years.

Installing Grout Sealer

Grout color sealers come in almost all shades to match the color of your grout and tiles. It’s a one-time investment. You won’t have to worry about getting your grout resealed every other year. Grout sealing isn’t a complicated process, and many people prefer doing it themselves. While that may be fine for clear grout sealers, grout color seals are a bit different. You don’t want to mess up your tiles with colored grout seals. That’s why it’s better to call for professional help. If you’re looking to get your grout color sealed or resealed, then we suggest you try giving Dirty Grout a chance. They can get your grout sealed or resealed in no time. Moreover, they apply grout sealers in such a way that it simply looks like your natural grout. No signs of sealer or re-coloring are left behind.

Why Get Grout Resealed?

Grout resealing can be done for various reasons. The first one would be because the previous sealing has reached its limit, and you need to get it resealed to protect your grout from damage. The second reason could be because you want to change the color of your seal. Your existing color may not match your grout color or your tiles. This can affect the appearance of your tiles. Using a different grout color sealer can solve this problem.