Is Professional Tile Cleaning Worth It?

Is professional tile cleaning worth it?

Although tiles are somewhat easy to clean, the same cannot be said for grout. Grout is very porous and thus soaks up dirt, dust and debris very fast. Thus, grout can quickly become unsanitary and look very dirty. No matter how clean your tiles look, grubby grout will make your tile floor look unsanitary and unhygienic.

Grout Installation, Sealing and Maintenance

The first step to caring for your grout is to have it sealed. The seal acts a barrier to dirt and debris that can slow down the buildup of unsightly grime and muck on your clean grout.

professional tile cleaning

Don’t assume that tile professionals will seal your grout for you. You should contact a grout cleaning and sealing professional to seal your grout forthwith.

It will take a few days for your grout to cure before it can be properly sealed. Once the grout is set, you should not waste any time. You should have it sealed as soon as possible so that dirt and grime do not have a chance to accumulate on unprotected grout. Quick grout sealing will ensure that your grout remains in good condition for a long time to come.

Tile Floor Maintenance

Although tiles are fairly low maintenance and easy to clean, they will not remain in sparkling and dazzling condition for eternity. No matter how much you clean them, a time will ultimately come when you will need professional tile cleaning to restore your precious tiles to their pristine condition.

Bear in mind that certain tiles start looking dull sooner than other varieties.

You may be able to keep your tiles in good shape for a relatively long time by mopping them regularly and using soap solution for tile cleanup. However, water together with soap will take their toll on grout. Thus, the grout will deteriorate faster than tiles since it is more fragile. After some time, even your well-maintained tiles will need professional work to restore them to their former glory.

Professional Tile Cleaning

Professional tile cleaners use sophisticated techniques and solutions to restore your tiles and grout. They are aware of cleaning solutions that have a smaller adverse impact on grout. They also use vacuum cleaning equipment that can absorb much of the dirt, debris and grime from your tiles and grout.

Professional tile cleaners deploy specialized brushes using the right technique so that dirt and grime can be safely removed from grout and tiles without damaging your precious floors. Even a little lapse in concentration can mean scratches and surface for your tiles since these are powerful implements. Thus, professional training, dexterity and experience is necessary for correct use of these implements.

Professional tile cleaning is worth it since it can extend the lifespan of your tiles and grout. Thus, you will get better returns for a longer time on your tile investment thanks to professional tile cleaning.

Experts can point out and remediate problems that could be insidiously harming your tiles and grout like water damage, leaks, development of mold, mildew and other detrimental factors.

Professional tile cleaners can also repair and replace loose tiles so that your tile floor looks new and undamaged. Thus, to keep your tile floor and grout in good condition, you need professional tile cleaning services at regular intervals.

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Why Color Seal Your Grout?

Why color seal your grout? Is it worth it or is it another fad that will soon fade away?

Here is Why You Might Want to Color Seal Your Grout

Dust, water vapor, and age all play their role in degrading grout over time. Although tiles happen to be quite durable, grout is more fragile. You will have to pay attention to sealing grout properly and caring for it if you want it to maintain its structure and look clean.

why color seal your grout

Sealing is the best solution for mitigating the effects of water on grout. You can choose between clear sealing and color sealing for your grout.

Color sealers are widely preferred since they can give your grout a brand-new look and even restore the pristine look of your grout from when it was freshly installed. Not only can color sealant protect your grout from the elements, but it can also impart a vibrant look that will make your tiles look more attractive.

Color sealers are good at repelling debris, dirt and dust which can give your grout a nasty and revolting look. That is important because you will certainly want your bathroom floor to look immaculate and sparkling clean. If nasty looking dirt and debris is firmly embedded in your grout, no matter how much you rub and scrub, your bathroom will just not look good.

Not only will you be uncomfortable when guests visit your home, you will also find the dirty look of the bathroom floor pretty repulsive. It’s no fun slaving away at the stubborn stains on grout that just won’t go away no matter how scrub. This is where color sealant can help.

Color Sealant for Attractive Good Looks

Beside instilling a sanitary look to your bathroom, color sealant also comes in vivid hues that will make your bathroom look very different. Cleaning up your bathroom floor will be a cinch and you will get a sparkling floor each time you wash it. The color sealant can repel stains to help your grout look fresh for a long time to come.

Color Sealant for Durability

Color seal can last up to a decade if you have it professionally cleaned each year. Thus, with periodic maintenance, color sealant can keep your grout and bathroom floor looking immaculate for a long time. Since color sealant can last long, you can save money and also have a good looking bathroom to be proud of. You can hold your head high as you welcome guests knowing that you have the best bathroom floor that will enthrall anyone who beholds them.

Color Sealant vs Clear Sealant

You can also go along with clear sealant if you prefer, since it is just as durable. However, color sealants are simply unbeatable when it comes to vibrant looks. You can think about applying color sealant for either imparting a totally new look or restoring the original one for your bathroom grout.

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How Long Does Color Seal Last?

Color sealing can last up to 7 years, however it will depend on the amount of traffic and use your tile floors get. It is recommended to refresh or color and seal your grout every 3 or 4 years to preserve and protect the grout from stains, spills and mildew. Commercial tile may be less time than this.

Can You Change The Color of Your Grout?

There are many color choices for grout re-coloring. This is a great way to refresh and give your floors a brand new look and protect it at the same time.

Do I Need To Seal Dark Grout?

Yes. Even though grime and bacteria isn’t seen as easily, it is still there and cause odors and eventually cause the grout to break down or deteriorate.