What You Should Not Put on Tile Floors

Tile Floor No-No’s

Flooring is an important aspect of how your home looks to other people. It’s a part of construction that definitely takes up a large chunk of your budget. Therefore, protecting them from unnecessary damage can help enhance their durability.

If you look after your tile floors well, they can last a lifetime. Given how low maintenance they are, all you need to do is use some warm water and the right cleaning product to give it shine.  Cleaning them with the wrong product is among some of the common mistakes people make with their tiles.

A tile floor is usually cleaned twice a week to get rid of dirt and debris. While there are several guidelines explaining what you should do with them, not many focus on to avoid. This article will therefore focus on these Tile Floor No-No’s.

What you should not put on tile

What to Avoid Putting on Tile Floors

Scorching soaps

A scorching soap is not an ideal choice for a tile floor cleaner due to many reasons. First of all, such soaps have a strong impact on tiles, and they leave a film on the surface, affecting their overall appearance. Your tiles are susceptible to getting dull if they are cleaned using harsh soaps.

Acidic solutions

Solutions that contain acids, chlorine, and ammonia should be avoided entirely when it comes to choosing a tile floor cleaner. Even if they are used just once or twice, they can reduce the beauty of your tiles.


Next in line to avoid is bleach or any product containing bleach. Avoid using vinegar too. Because of its highly reactive nature, bleach can destroy any protective coating on your tile floor.


People often use scrubbers made of hard steel to scrub the tile surface. Such objects can cause your tile floor to have many non-repairable scratches.

Cleaners With Deep Colors

When choosing a tile floor cleaner, never go for the one with deep colors. They can put permanent stains on your tiles.

In the end, it is a good idea to seek professional help when it comes to dealing with tile-related problems. Whether they need cleaning or fixing of some sort, do not attempt to solve complex problems on your own.

Most homeowners don’t know what products to avoid putting on tiles. Consequently, a simple mistake leads to their money going down the drain. A good flooring professional such as Dirty Grout is all you need when it comes to seeking professional advice and high-quality tile cleaning services.

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