How To Care for Tile Floors

Caring For Tile Floors Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Tiles are possibly the most common choice for indoor flooring and perhaps for good reason. They provide your home with a neat and clean look and are easy to clean and maintain. Moreover tiles are water resistant and all in all are a very durable option for homeowners to do their flooring with.

However, overtime even tiles can become subject to aging. This can happen via dust accumulation, spills, grout and other factors. This leads many to wonder how to care for tile floors. Although tiles are known to be durable, they require regular maintenance in order to maintain their natural beauty.

If you are worried about your tile floors losing their cleanliness and beauty overtime, we are here to help. There are a few important steps that we recommend you taking to maintain the overall health, beauty and overall longevity of the tile floors. So let’s get started on learning how to care for tile floors.

1) Use The Vacuum

Anyone who has had to perform regular cleaning of their personal space knows how much dust can collect on a surface within a few days. Tile floors are no different and as time passes by, dust can make your tile floor look old and grimy.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean up dust on a regular basis in order to care for your tile floor.

2) Mop it up

Another important step in tile floor maintenance is to regularly mop up the surface of the tile floor. Although mopping with just water can do wonders when cleaning tile floors, using slightly soaped water will help maintain your tile floor’s natural shine and beauty.

Make sure you dry the floor adequately after mopping it to avoid dust settling on the damp surface again.

3) Clean Spills Off The Tile Floors ASAP

While tile floors are generally easy to clean, some kinds of liquids and foods can easily stain the surface if not cleaned up as soon as possible. In order to clean up such spills use an absorbent cloth and some disinfectant and wipe the surface down.

Certain substances like raw meat and eggs can leave heavy stains on a tile floor and will require more aggressive scrubbing. Make sure you mop the floor with water afterwards as you don’t want the corrosive disinfectant to discolor your tile floor.

Proper care for tile floors

4) Dealing with Dirt Grout

Tiles that are used to floor kitchen and bathrooms are usually extremely stain resistant. However, the spaces between the tiles tend to become discolored and grimy overtime which will take away from your tile floors overall beauty.

Grout control is a big part of cleaning tile floors. Grout lines can be cleaned using a solution of baking soda and water mixed into a paste and scrubbed into the tile floor. Do not use a metal scrubber as these could leave scratches on the tiles. Instead, use an old toothbrush with soft bristles to really get in there.

Grout control in an essential aspect of tile floor maintenance and should be done after every few months.

5) Avoid Wearing Shoes

Another huge part of tile floor maintenance is trying to avoid allowing too much dirt from outside into the tiled room. By having family members and guests take off their shoes before entering your tiled floor, not only will you maintain your floor’s cleanliness but you will be forced to clean it less frequently.


To sum up, tiles are quite possibly the easiest type of flooring to maintain. However, overtime even your tile floors can become victim to dirt, grease and aging. To the question, how to care for tile floors, we answer, regular cleaning is key. Following these simple steps can do wonders for tile floor maintenance and will give your tile floor the longevity you desire.