When Can You Walk On Tile After Cleaning?

Tiles and the grouting between them can accumulate dirt fairly quickly, depending on your living conditions mainly. If you walk over the tiles with dirty shoes, if you spill something, or even if dust accumulates on them, the tiles often need to be cleaned to shine at their original, pristine level. The dirtier the environment is, the quicker the tiles accumulate dirt, like kitchen tiles get dirty the quickest because of all the exposure to food and heat.

tile after cleaning

However, if you hire a professional cleaning service and get your tiles cleaned thoroughly, here is how long you should wait before walking all over them:

When Can You Walk On Tile After Cleaning?

Normally, after a thorough tile cleaning where the tiles and the grout are left sparkling, professional services suggest you should wait at least an hour before walking on the tile. You could spend that hour watching a show, reading a book, or even being out of the house without any worry. In fact, if you have removed furniture from the tile to have it cleaned, you can move that right back after an hour of cleaning as well.

Why Should You Wait Before Walking On Clean Tile?

We’re sure everyone questions why the wait is necessary. The tiles are already sealed in place; it’s not like they will begin shifting or sinking. Also, the water that professional cleaning services use is vacuumed by them as well, so there is only a bit of moisture remaining.

Firstly, these tiles are usually pressure washed with water and other cleaners. Immediately after being cleaned, there is usually a film of water that has accumulated on top of the tile. If you step on the tile while it is still wet, there is a chance that you will leave marks on it, which can build up and make it look less clean and sparkly.

Other than that, when tiles are thoroughly pressure-washed with water, the water tends to penetrate into the grouting and other small openings between the tiles. As the water goes deeper, it begins to weaken the tiles and reactivate the base materials that are holding the tiles in place as well. If you begin putting pressure on the tile immediately, there is a chance that it might shift under the weight. Therefore, you need to wait for it to dry completely before walking on it and placing the furniture back on it.

How Should You Get Your Tiles Cleaned?

You should think of professional cleaning services to clean your tiles if dirt and grease have accumulated on top of them. One such expert cleaning service is Dirty Grout. They help clean the tiles thoroughly and remove any bacteria and viruses from their crevices, leaving your floor perfectly clean and sterile. After using expert tile cleaning services, you will find that your floor is sparkling as if you just recently laid down new tiles! So contact Dirty Grout today and get shiny tiles twinkling in your house again.