How To Remove Haze Off Tile Floors

When you lay down new tiles on your floor, you want them to look sparkling and shiny. Depending on what material the tile is, you would just love to see your own reflection in it because new tiles are supposed to be just that clean.

However, after the grouting and the fixing process, tiles are often left with a white haze. If this white haze is not removed in time, it could take away from the shine of the tile. To get that shine, you have to get rid of this haze as quickly as possible, so let’s take a look at the haze removal process.

remove haze off tile floors soon

What Causes Haze On Tile Floors?

The haze that accumulates on tile floors happens after the grouting process. Grout is made of cement and other minerals. When the grouting process is underway, this grout is mixed with water, and as the water dries, the minerals and cement are left caked on the surface. During the process, the workers usually scrape off most of the grout from the tile, but as the water dries, only a thin film remains, and this is known as the haze.

How Do You Remove Haze Off Tile?

You can try removing grout using materials you will commonly find in your home, or you can use professional grout haze removers as well.

In the case of home remedies, you can use water and cheesecloth to remove the haze. If this does not work, you can make your own remover with the help of vinegar and water, where you add three parts vinegar to one-part water. Use a soft scrubber to remove the grout when using vinegar because you do not want the scrubber to leave marks and scratches on your new tiles.

You can also make use of a professional-grade grout haze remover. Make sure the remover is gentle to the material of the tile since many harsh chemicals can damage stone and marble. Ceramic porcelain and travertine are much more resilient tile materials.

Before using your preferred remover, remember to dampen the grout haze first, so it comes off more easily than dried haze.

Other than that, remember not to let the grout haze stay in place for more than ten days. You should allow the haze to cure, which would take a maximum of 24 hours, but you should not wait for too long. The haze continues to harden with time and will become more difficult to remove after ten days. Trying this out could even damage your new tiles and make your floor look less than perfect.

Hire Professional Tile Cleaners

The best way to go about cleaning your tiles and removing the haze is by hiring professionals to do the job. The experts at Dirty Grout could be one of your best options for professional tile cleaners who could effectively remove the haze from the tiles without damaging or scratching your tiles. Contact the expert cleaners at Dirty Grout now and have them clean your new tiles so that they are left shiny and reflective, just as they should be!